Latest Palm Beach County tracks: from deep South to Brazilian jazz

With his southern roots and baritone voice, Lake Worth singer/guitarist Max DuBose ( showed elements of country music on preceding CDs, but his songwriting and the influence of pedal steel guitarist Jim Felicio on the new Maybe go deep south.

DuBose, Felicio and Marie Nofsinger’s backups shade the opening title ballad, complete with a quote of Ben E. King’s R&B hit “Stand By Me.” Father-and-son bassist and drummer Chuck Fiore Sr. and Jr. respectively drive the shuffles “My Baby’s Gettin’ Over Me” and “If I Ain’t All That,” and DuBose’s clever wordplay overcomes tracks with ample repeat choruses like the reggae-tinged “Klink Comes Slammin.”

Bill Meredith, Palm Beach Post, September 24, 2016